Dr Alana Potgieter

BVSc (Pretoria)

Alana is a native of South Africa and obtained her qualification from the University of Pretoria in 2006. Shortly after graduating, Alana and partner Cornell (another of our veterinary team) moved to South Australia in search of adventure. Apart from a short stint back in South Africa and then England, she has practiced in the Adelaide area since then.

Surgery is a keen interest of hers and she works towards perfecting an atraumatic and cosmetic technique. This means her patients can have the fastest, most pain-free recovery possible with minimal scarring. She also excels in diagnostic ultrasonography and, along with Dr Beck Thompson, provides a really high level of imaging service to our clients.

Working in England taught her a lot of tricks with rabbits and guinea-pigs (very common pets there). She’s also done a lot of further training with rabbits since arriving at Gawler. With this background, rabbits, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs are always welcome on Alana’s appointment list!

Alana’s hobbies include travelling and photography. She was also an active pony-clubber in her youth and hopes to return to horse riding very soon (another potential candidate for the Salisbury Hunt Club!!).

She’s been delighted (as have we) to have Cornell working with her in such close proximity. As a result, It’s not unusual, these days, to hear a running conversation in Afrikaans in the corridors of Gawler Animal Hospital! Alana and Cornell have recently moved into an old stone cottage in the Gawler area and so now consider themselves locals (even if they don’t quite sound like it!). The garden at said cottage continues to provide them with endless hours of pleasure and entertainment as they are steadily converting this into a real botanical wonder!

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