Vaccination & Health-checks

We recommend a minimum of 12-monthly health checks and vaccinations with six-monthly visits for seniors (7 and over). All vaccination services include a comprehensive physical exam to ensure there are no signs of developing problems. These visits are a great chance to discuss all other aspects of health-care for your pets.


X-Ray & Ultrasound

We provide one of the best ultrasound and x-ray services in South Australia – all right here in our hospital! We have the ability to ‘look inside’ your pet in a non-invasive fashion. Our imaging allows us to diagnose anything from bladder stones, kidney or pancreatic disease, tumours or heart disease, amongst many other conditions.


Hospital Care

We have dedicated hospital wards for cats, dogs and exotics. All hospitalised pets are checked multiple times daily by our highly trained hospital staff. We understand that pet owners are worried about their pets and so communicate regularly with you throughout the day with updates on progress.


Puppy Training & Behaviour Advice

We run regular ‘socialisation classes for young pups and ‘Puppy Pre-School’ groups to introduce basic training. The pups love these classes and learn to interact appropriately. We have dedicated staff who’ve done extensive training to help them get the best out of your pet and give them a good start in life. We also provide consulting advice for those pets with problem behaviours such as barking, separation anxiety and destructive tendencies.


Breeding Services

Gawler Animal Hospital has had a long association with the South Australian breeding community. Comprehensive and thorough health checks are carried out on all pups and kittens we vaccinate and detailed health certificates are provided for breeders to pass on to new owners. Early de-sexing including vasectomies and tubal ligations are performed here on a regular basis. We look after the reproductive process from mating, through ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis to Caesarian surgery.


Dietary Needs

All the different life-stages have different nutritional requirements from growing pups or kittens to our seniors. Our Hills diets cater to these different age groups with superior quality and high digestiblity. Our prescription diets actually help treat various disease conditions. These include dental disease, arthritis, kidney, liver and heart disease. Obesity is a huge problem with domestic animals. We have the diets to help reduce weight without your furry friends feeling like they’re being starved!


Pet Insurance

One of those things you hope you never need. However, pet insurance can be a life-saver if your pet is faced with major injury or illness concerns. Our staff can give you the best advice when it comes to taking out pet insurance. We even provide an initial 4-week period of free cover for your new pet. Many of our clients will tell you that insurance is great value and provides a huge amount of peace of mind for pet owners.



Smelly Samoyed? Grotty Groodle? Pongy Poodle? We have the solution in our ‘self-serve’ hydrobath. Conveniently located on the outside of the hospital in our parking area and accessible 7-days-a-week. Cleaned daily with anti-viral products so your pet is not exposed to nasty bugs Complete with shampoo and conditioner (or we can provide you with specific products for skin conditions). Built-in dryer for those colder winter days.



With mandatory pet desexing from 2018 onwards, this will affect all pet owners at some stage. We consider ourselves expert in this area and provide a very thorough de-sexing service. In-depth anaesthetic monitoring, pain relief and blood pressure support (intravenous fluids) and follow-up visit are all included in the price you’re quoted – no hidden ‘add-ons’!

Little dog as a vet

Disease Diagnosis & Monitoring

We’re set up to work up the most complex medical cases. Our staff have the training and expertise to provide you with answers and with the solutions to bring your pets back to good health.



A hugely important part of overall pet health and an area in which we excel. The large majority of dogs and cats have significant dental disease by the age of three years old. We have all the facilities and expert services to keep your pet’s mouth happy, healthy and smelling good!



As an accredited hospital, we have the most up-to-date surgical facilities. This is a huge part of our daily workload and we’d like to think we are really good at surgery. From de-sexing to complex orthopaedic procedures, we can cover all your pets needs


Palliative Care & End of Life Services

Sadly, our pets don’t live as long as we do but they’re definitely around long enough to become well and truly part of the family When your pets are coming near to the end, we can help you cope during this difficult time. For us, it’s all about ensuring the best possible quality of life for the longest possible time but also recognising when that quality of life has gone. All of our staff take this part of their jobs very personally and understand exactly what you’re going through, as owners – we’ve all been there ourselves.



Dogs from 7 years and up and cats from 10 years onwards are considered ‘seniors’ and have quite different requirements. The main problems we see revolve around dental disease, arthritis, dietary changes and behaviour issues. At this point, we’ll be recommending routine ‘wellness’ tests (blood, urine, blood pressure). We’ll also be making some specific recommendations regarding appropriate diet for your oldies. Just like with us, ageing is a real pain (but inevitable)! We can help maintain quality of life, however, and prolong the time you have with your older friends.


Cat Services

All of the above services apply to cats but, as the saying goes, “cats are not just small dogs”! A very different approach is required to achieve good outcomes when handling and treating cats. We have separate waiting areas, consult rooms and hospital wards for our feline patients and this pays huge dividends in keeping cats relaxed and ‘fear-free’. All of our staff undergo specific training in feline practice and we have several staff members with a particular interest in treating cats. We’re accredited as a gold-standard ‘Cat-Friendly Clinic’ with the ISFM, a world-renowned international body dedicated to feline medicine. As a cat lover, you’ll be in very good hands when you bring your pets to see us.


Blood Testing

We have a very comprehensive bank of blood testing equipment in our hospital. This allows us to come up with answers the same day, in most cases. From ‘wellness’ screening to helping diagnose your ‘sickies’, we can cover the lot.


Parasite Control

Fleas, intestinal worms, heartworm, mites and ticks all present a problem for your pets. We’ll give you the most up to date recommendations to prevent all of these. We stock the products we think are ideal for your pet.