Dr Rebecka Thompson

B.Sc, BVMS (Hons) (Murdoch)

Beck graduated from the Murdoch vet School in Perth 2003 She has been working at Gawler Animal Hospital for most of the time since then, although she had an 18 month break to work as a locum vet in the UK. Despite the draw of the green fields of England and travel in Europe, she still came back to our hospital for the fabulous people and pets.

Beck takes a special interest in (and is enormously talented in) internal medicine, ophthalmology and imaging (ultrasound and x-rays). She’s built a very loyal following of clients at Gawler and has a tremendous ability to get to the bottom of very complex medical cases. Combined with that, she has a wonderful ‘bed-side manner’ and this makes her very popular with clients and pets alike!

LIfe changed dramatically in 2012, for Beck, with the arrival of little Emily. As a result, Beck spent a large chunk of 2012 on maternity leave. With Emily becoming a bit more independent from her mum, Beck had come back to work on a part-time basis and was thoroughly enjoying being ‘back in the fold’! Earliy in 2015, the arrival of Louis, a little brother for Emily, meant another stint on the sidelines for Beck. We’re really pleased to see her back at work again now Louis is a bit more independent. It didn’t take long for Beck’s appointment lists to fill up with her favourite clients and she’s loving the stimulation and fun of a busy clinic.

On the four-legged side of the family, Beck has a scruffy terrier ‘Devo’ who loves to do tricks for food, and a galah called ‘Gizmo’. In her spare time, Beck loved to ride her horse Jasper as a member of the Salisbury Hunt Club and has been an active participant in the Gawler South Pony Club. That changed with the retirement of Jasper and with the arrival of Emily and any return to the saddle looks like being on hold for a while longer now!

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