Lauren Di Girolamo

Veterinary Customer Care Co-ordinator

Lauren came to us early in 2016. She slotted in absolutely seamlessly and rapidly made herself into a much-liked and valued member! She has a an absolute passion for reception work and is a natural when it comes to helping clients to find solutions for their pets.

Lauren spent 4 years working for a high-level veterinary practice in Adelaide before making a switch to human dental reception work. She thought it would be a step up the ladder but quickly discovered that she much preferred working with pets and their owners. As it turned out, veterinary practice also gave her much more scope to use her considerable talents in customer service. As such, it was perfect timing for us that Lauren was thinking about returning to veterinary work at exactly the same time we were looking for a new customer care team member. The dental profession’s loss is our gain and clients at Gawler Animal Hospital have been the real winners from all of this!

At home, Lauren and husband Lando’s lifestyle changed forever (and for better) when they welcomed Elodie into the household in late 2018. Not as if the household wasn’t already full enough with multiple pets around. They have Yoda, a Musk Lorikeet, and a blue-tongue lizard named Liz – I think this makes her a first as don’t believe we’ve had any blue-tongue lizards on the staff pet list! Murdoch, the Irish Wolfhound is an absolute delight and may be the best-trained Wofhound in history!

Lauren’s role as Customer Care Co-ordinator includes a lot of work organising the workflow of what is a very busy reception desk these days. She also takes responsibility for running our FaceBook campaign. If you follow this, you’ll know that she does an amazing job with regular posts, memes and videos.

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