Mikaela Parker

Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)

Mikaela joined us in early October and has quickly made herself part of the hospital nursing team.

Mikaela worked at a primate sanctuary whilst travelling through South Africa, after she had enough of playing with the cheeky monkeys she decided it was time to move onto London. Here she found herself working at a busy London vet clinic as an auxiliary nurse. After 2 years she decided it was time to move back home, after thoroughly enjoying the clinic setting she was looking for a clinic to call home. (Cue Gawler Animal Hospital!)
Mikaela is Interested in surgery and hoping to eventually study canine myofunctional therapy.
Outside of work, Mikaela and her husband Keegan have brought their first house earlier this year which occupies their 2 kitty fur babies, Hunter and Liz who were found as strays.
Mikaela likes reading and travelling and is taking on the new challenge of learning to sew. She is also known to not turn down a cheese platter or Wine (or two!)
In late January Mikaela and Keegan welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Charlie! We are looking forward to welcoming Mikaela back when she’s ready and has come out of her baby bubble!

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