Minindi Pipinias

Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

We first came across Min when she came to pick up and care for a featherless Galah that had landed  on our doorstep.  This was just one of many birds that she has cared for over the years, with wildlife and exotics being high on her agenda of fun things to do.  Not only does she have several magpies and galahs but she also looks after a couple of barking geckos (seriously, they’re supposed to bark!) and a bearded dragon.  Not content with the wildlife residents, Min and her husband Dean (a cheese-maker and almond farmer) have horses, ponies, dogs (4), cats (4), goats (3) and sheep (2) on their property. A real ‘Old MacDonalds Farm’!

We’re really lucky to have Min join our team. She comes with many years of experience and a genuine love of the job. Her special interests at work are looking after hospital patients but also looking after our clients (she’s a real people person). At the moment, she’s spending most of her time in our hospital team but you’ll likely get to meet her during hospital admissions and discharges, over time.

Outside of work (and care for her own private zoo), Min and Dean are involved in their local CFS department. They have a couple of delightful daughters in Savannah and Skye who are clearly destined to grow up as expert animal handlers in their own right!

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