Breeding Services

  • Gawler Animal Hospital has had a long-standing relationship with the South Australian breeding community and has a comprehensive reproductive program.

    We understand that breeders have quite different requirements to most pet owners but, as pet owners themselves, have many similar concerns regarding the standards of care for their animals. We’ve gone out of our way to create a program which will meet those needs and to address the concerns of breeders.

    So what are those needs and concerns? The list is not all-encompassing but includes some of the following:

    1) Experience

    We know that this is a business for you and you don’t want your animals handled by beginners or people without the knowledge to get the best results for you. We have a highly experienced and capable staff group who can get you the results you need and provide you with peace of mind and confidence.

    2) Availability

    Dogs and cats don’t understand the difference between Sunday and Monday. If a bitch or queen reaches her due date, she can’t hold off for another day. That’s why we’re open 7 days a week and can be available to help when you need it.

    3) Convenience

    We also understand that breeding and raising dogs and cats can be a very time-consuming business. As such, we’re happy to work around your timing and offer you various scheduling options to help get the job done.

    4) Welcome

    Read through the other sections of our website and you’ll quickly recognise that we have a reputation as a very caring, professional group of people. You’ll be made welcome at Gawler Animal Hospital just as much as any other pet owner. Customer service is high on our list of priorities and we like to send everyone away feeling highly valued.

    5) Facilities

    We’re a very well equipped hospital and can provide everything required for a high-quality breeding service.

    6) Services

    We’re in a position to provide a comprehensive breeding service to breeders throughout the state. This includes everything from hip & elbow screening x-rays, pre-mating work-ups, artificial insemination, whelping/queening (including caesarian surgeries) to post-natal problems and puppy or kitten care.

    7) Cost

    Cost is far from being the only factor in deciding where to take your animals for veterinary care. However, we recognise that there are financial implications for breeders and that it can be hard to breed and raise high-quality pups or kittens to a saleable age without running at a loss. We understand this and have a pricing structure which is extremely competitive and allows us to provide you with a very affordable service.

    8) Standards of Care

    This is an area in which we absolutely pride ourselves. Gawler Animal Hospital provides one of the highest quality veterinary services in South Australia. This level of service is provided to all animals in our care, whether they are pets, breeding animals or wildlife. We don’t compromise on the health, welfare or safety of any of our patients and this is really important to every member of our staff.

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