One on One Training

Would you like to live in harmony with your dog?

We are here to help! We can design a training plan just for you.

Gawler Animal Hospital offers private training sessions, either onsite in our enclosed training area, or in your own home. A private consultation allows our trainers to focus solely on your training priorities and develop a training plan specifically for you. Our qualified trainers are also equipped to deal with even the most complex of behavioural problems including diagnosed anxieties, aggression, extreme fears or phobias.

Working alongside our Veterinary team, we can create a behavioural modification plan that improves your pet’s quality of life, keeps everyone safe, and restores a positive relationship with your pet.

Our trainers hold nationally recognised qualifications in dog training and animal behaviour, are highly experienced and extremely professional. They will guide you through whatever behaviour or training challenge you are experiencing, with patience and enthusiasm.

Please call our customer care team to find out more about our private consultations.

We look forward to helping you build a better relationship with your dog!

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