Puppy Primary School

Once your puppy has experienced all the fun our Puppy Play has to offer, or is aged over 14 weeks and up to 6 months they can graduate to our Puppy Primary classes.

Our Puppy Primary classes are not just about sit, drop and stay but instead offer so much more! Our trainers will teach you the fundamentals of training including walking nicely on lead, coming when called, leaving the cat alone and giving you back your socks just to name a few.

Our Puppy Primary program is designed to help improve your relationship with your furry friend by guiding and teaching you the skills to problem solve unwanted behaviours as well as learning how to use better management strategies to set your puppy up for success.

We aim to help you understand the minds of your new furry family member and provide you with the tools for training and problem solving to ensure you can unleash your puppy’s potential and set you up for success.

Puppy Primary is a 5 week course and along with lifelong training methods, you will receive comprehensive notes and reference videos to help continue your training at home.

We are very proud to say all of our Puppy Primary classes are taught by a DELTA accredited trainer. The Delta Institute is the accrediting body for positive reward based trainers.

On the final night of Puppy Primary your puppy will graduate and get to go home with its very own Puppy Primary Graduation certificate!

Our Puppy Primary classes  run for a 60 minute duration. Bookings are essential.

For more information and to unleash your puppy’s potential call our friendly customer care team on the number below.

If you have already booked in with our customer care team, and need to complete the puppy check in before our first session, please click here.

We look forward to meeting you and your puppy soon!

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