Your full-service, high quality, locally-owned veterinary practice.

Locally owned and operated

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Gawler Animal Hospital

Your full-service, locally-owned Gawler Vet practice.

Gawler Animal Hospital offers a wide range of pet-care options from vaccinations up to complex medical and surgical treatments. We are your one stop shop for Gawler vet services. Our goal is to provide pet owners, both local and further afield, with the absolute best level of vet care in a ‘fear-free’ environment. This means ensuring your pets experience a stress-free visit and that your needs are catered for in the best possible manner. We strive to deliver exceptional value in all of our client interactions and to treat both pets and owners in the fashion we’d like to be treated ourselves

Full Service

Puppy training, healthcare, surgery and more

Cat Care Experts

We are a ‘Cat-Friendly’ accredited clinic

Fear-Free Visits

Treating your pet like one of our own

Outstanding Care

The benefits of our treatments far outweigh the costs of care

Our Services

Our Gawler vet practice offers a full range of veterinary services

Why Choose Us?

Some commonly asked questions and client feedback

Yes, we can do pretty much anything for your pets with everything from the simplest services, such as parasite control or diet, to complex surgery.

We’re certified by the International Society of Feline Medicine as a gold-standard ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’. We go to huge lengths to make your cats feel safe and secure here and we have the staff that take a special interest in cats. Take a tour of our cat services.

All of our staff feel the same way as you and so we always go out of our way to provide a ‘fear-free’ environment – for pets and their owners! We give lots of treats, take our time, and make a big fuss of your pets. We want them looking forward to visits here. Even the hospital is designed to minimise stress in pets!

On the contrary – we’re 100% private and locally owned and operated. Dr Steve has lived in the Gawler area for many years and works full-time in the practice. That ‘owner’s eye’ approach allows us to ensure a very personal and very effective service for our pet owners. That’s something that corporate practices will never be able to provide.

As with anything, good quality service comes at a cost. However, we always work with clients to provide the best solutions for their pet at an affordable price. We’ll give you an estimate of costs and provide you with options if the recommended treatment is out of your reach. Most of our clients would agree that the benefits of our service generally far outweigh the costs!

Unfortunately we are unable to assist in work experience for school based students. 

Yes, we do with limited spaces available. Please email Amanda at

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Gawler Animal Hospital

Your full-service, high quality, locally-owned veterinary practice.

Offering a wide range of pet-care options from vaccinations up to complex medical and surgical treatments.

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