Our Values


Seeking to understand through pausing and listening.

Treating all patients as if they were your own

Fear free practice for client, patient and team

Checking in with staff and clients

'Trust Our Family to Look After Your Family'


Running to where the work is

Understanding we’re all in this together

Including everyone in the journey towards reaching our common goal

Fostering all forms of feedback


Trusting your abilities, while knowing your boundaries

Trusting in yourself, and those around you

Accountability, reliability and initiative 



Forging honesty, connection and positive outcomes

Asking the hard questions, without fear of retribution

A sense of safety when feeling uncomfortable or exposed

Believing in something enough to speak

Viewing vulnerability as an asset, not a weakness


Forging genuine connections with the team, our clients and our patients

Fostering a nurturing environment where everyone has the opportunity to perform at their best

A powerful unit that looks out for each other

Gawler Animal Hospital

Your full-service, high quality, locally-owned veterinary practice.

Offering a wide range of pet-care options from vaccinations up to complex medical and surgical treatments.

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