COVID Management plan

GAH will be moving to Stage 2 of our Covid Management Plan as from 6pm TONIGHT (Tuesday 20 July 2021).  This will mean the following: Contactless consults Please call us from the carpark when you arrive A nurse will then call you back and ask for details of your visit Please wear a mask The

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Pet Insurance, working through the insurance maze!

Pet Insurance can be one of the most valuable things you can do for your pet in the long term, but looking at the options and picking a policy that suits you can be a daunting task. There is a lot of insurance jargon, fine print, and conditions to read through, which makes trying to

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How to live in harmony with our favourite hounds?

Gawler Animal Hospital prides itself on not only looking after the physical health of your animal but also taking care of their mental wellbeing. My name is Sonia and I’m proud to say I am one of the veterinary nurses that take care of your furry friends. Another big part of my role as a

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Senior Pets and Preventative Medicine

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine our pets are not only living longer, but they’re living better quality lives too. So it’s really important that we reflect on some of the major issues that our senior pets face and some of the preventative measures that we, as a veterinary profession, try and implement to ensure

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Brown Ticks – What you need to know!

You may have heard of Ehrlichiosis, the tick borne disease that is beginning to find its way into the state. Although rare, it is important to recognize the recent warning about the disease and familiarize yourself with the symptoms and prevention options. Symptoms include: -fever -lethargy -loss of appetite -weight loss -swelling of chest or

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Plants and Your Pets

We have seen lots of trends emerge in the socially distanced 2020 and beyond. Especially, things that make us happy during tricky times spent, in large part, at home. One of those things has been the resurgence of indoor plant popularity. Personally, I love gardening and indoor plants. I remember my parent’s indoor planters- they

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A Christmas message from Dr Steve

What a year! It seems that history will confine 2020 to being remembered as a defining year in many ways, for better or for worse! Our world has been changed forever and we have had to change our behaviours and the way we interact socially and even the way businesses operate and how we all

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Fear free vet visits for cats? We have you covered!

Did you know we are a Cat Friendly Clinic?  Bringing a cat into the clinic can be a stressful event for both cat and owner. Getting the cat into the carrier, traveling in the car away from its home, being handled by new and strange people, and being in a building that is full of

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Important Coronavirus Update

** UPDATED FOR WEDNESDAY 23 NOVEMBER ** We will remain open during these restrictions in order to continue to provide health care for your family’s pets. Our opening hours will remain as normal and we will be open for all routine and non-routine appointments and surgeries. Our Puppy Play and Puppy Pre-school classes will be

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