Flynn’s Fat Friends!!

In a previous practice life, I used to run a pet weight loss program that the nurses endearingly referred to as ‘Flynn’s Fat Friends’. This was named after Flynn, our delightful but somewhat self-indulgent Burmese clinic cat. He had a habit of chewing a hole in the corner of the largest (and most expensive) dog-food

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Golden Oldies

Going back many years, I remember being pleased to be asked to play in a ‘Golden Oldies’ rugby tournament. Immediately afterwards, on reflection, I was a bit horrified to realise that meant I was becoming pretty ancient as 35 was the minimum age for this classification. Oh, how I’d like to be that ‘ancient’ (and

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Keep Your Pets Free From Arthritic Pain

After all the bone-dry weather these last few months, hasn’t it been fantastic to see the rain finally arrive? The downside to this, however, is that cold wet weather is also the precursor to arthritis and so I’d like to talk to you about how to keep your pets free from arthritic pain this winter.

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Milo’s Thyroid Marathon

The thyroid gland is often a point of concern in older pets (and humans, actually). As a result, thyroid hormones are something we suggest monitoring in routine annual screening tests on our older dog and cat patients. Although something we come across quite often in cats, we have a little canine patient, at the moment,

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Collapsing Trachea – A Medical Emergency

As general veterinary practitioners, we have the challenge of running a busy preventive healthcare schedule and also being the local emergency department. This makes life really varied for us and keeps us on our toes. Actually, it’s one of the reasons that being in veterinary practice is so fulfilling as we never have time to

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The Latest on Heart Disease in Pets

In our newsletter this month, our focus is on heart disease in pets. There have been huge advances in both diagnosis and treatment of this common disease during my career and it’s wonderful to be able to make some real changes to both improve and extend the life of cardiac patients nowadays. When I first

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Fear-Free Visits for Your Cat

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the things we can do to take the stress or ‘fear-factor’ out of bringing your cat in for a visit.  From speaking to a number of people, it seems as though this is one of the reasons we see fewer cats than dogs in practice.

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What a Headache – Sticks Hangover Cure!

What a Headache – Sticks hangover cure doesn’t work so well! At this time of year, a few of us have a tendency to overdo the celebrations with Xmas and New Year. If your solution to the resulting hangover is to turn to Ibuprofen or Panadol, you might want to consider the four-legged friends in

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Grass Seeds Galore!

Grass Seeds Galore! My apologies for reprinting some content from an article from last year but the message is the same and it’s a really important one. Over the last couple of weeks, when I bring back my dogs from their daily run, the evidence is clear – it’s grass seed season again! Although those

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Feline Aids – What You Need to Know

Feline Aids – What You Need to Know. We had a recent case which reminded me about Feline Aids and what you need to know about this potentially fatal disease in cats. ‘Fizz’ was inherited by his new owner, Bonnie Balogh, after friends had found him abandoned. Bonnie decided to take him on and brought

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