A Stick of Bother- kip

Kip visited our team at Gawler Animal Hospital recently after finding herself in a bit of bother. Kip had been out for a run on her property with her owner when she decided to make haste after some rabbits into some bushes. A yelp was heard and Kip returned with what can only be described

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Snakey Spring is here!

Spring has finally arrived and with this glorious warm weather comes the not so glorious reminder that snakes will be emerging from hibernation and popping up in all sorts of places. Snake envenomation in dogs and cats is a life threatening event which is unfortunately a little more common than we would like! Every year

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A Safe Home For Children and Dogs

The human-animal bond is something that all pet owners can identify with. Our family pets form part of our daily routine and influence our physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing. The challenges of the Covid pandemic have highlighted the strength of the human-animal bond even more so. I recently had the pleasure of visiting a

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Dr Steve excited about the future of X-Rays

Gawler Animal Hospital loves caring for animals and providing the best care we can, so I’m very excited to tell you about our latest equipment upgrade. We have recently been using and purchased the very first veterinary mobile Micro-X Rover Digital Radiography system! This digital x-ray system uses cutting edge nanotube x-ray production technology which

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COVID Management plan

Our Covid Management Plan as from Wednesday 24th of November 2021 In light of the borders reopening to South Australia, Gawler Animal Hospital have assessed the risk associated and have enacted the following COVID Management Plan, effective Wednesday the 24th of November: • We ask that only ONE person comes into the Hospital with their

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Pet Insurance, working through the insurance maze!

Pet Insurance can be one of the most valuable things you can do for your pet in the long term, but looking at the options and picking a policy that suits you can be a daunting task. There is a lot of insurance jargon, fine print, and conditions to read through, which makes trying to

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How to live in harmony with our favourite hounds?

Gawler Animal Hospital prides itself on not only looking after the physical health of your animal but also taking care of their mental wellbeing. My name is Sonia and I’m proud to say I am one of the veterinary nurses that take care of your furry friends. Another big part of my role as a

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Senior Pets and Preventative Medicine

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine our pets are not only living longer, but they’re living better quality lives too. So it’s really important that we reflect on some of the major issues that our senior pets face and some of the preventative measures that we, as a veterinary profession, try and implement to ensure

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Brown Ticks – What you need to know!

You may have heard of Ehrlichiosis, the tick borne disease that is beginning to find its way into the state. Although rare, it is important to recognize the recent warning about the disease and familiarize yourself with the symptoms and prevention options. Symptoms include: -fever -lethargy -loss of appetite -weight loss -swelling of chest or

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Plants and Your Pets

We have seen lots of trends emerge in the socially distanced 2020 and beyond. Especially, things that make us happy during tricky times spent, in large part, at home. One of those things has been the resurgence of indoor plant popularity. Personally, I love gardening and indoor plants. I remember my parent’s indoor planters- they

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