November 2023 Newsletter

Spring is here – and with it, unfortunately, comes grass seeds!  Grass seed awns are the seed heads of grass, and they are very spikey and stick into pets’ fur (and humans’ shoes and pants), which is a clever trick of the grass plant to help spread its seed. Given their pointy nature, grass seeds can

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October 2023 Newsletter

Snake bites in our pets Spring is well and truly here and summer is just around the corner. As our weather heats up we are already seeing an increase in snake sightings and in turn, unfortunately, snake bites. There are a large number of dangerous snakes in our state, but the two that our pets

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September 2023 Newsletter

Senior Felines: Purr-fect pets with particular needs! Hello wonderful pet people, it’s Dr. Michelle the admitted crazy cat lady here. This month, unsurprisingly, I want to talk about cats! More specifically, I want to talk about our gorgeous senior felines. Senior felines are such special parts of our families. We usually have them since a

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August 2023 Newsletter

ITS DENTAL MONTH… Dr. Alyssa’s Client Information Sheet (Almost) everything you need to know about: Dental disease Causes: Bacteria; Crowded teeth; Genes; Immune response; Wet foods Disease progression: 1: Plaque/tartar is produced by bacteria living on the surface of the tooth (yellow/brown in colour) 2: Bacteria move to also live under under the gum >>

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July 2023 Newsletter

Welcome Dr. Kate I studied at The University of Adelaide and the veterinary degree there takes 6 difficult but exciting years. Throughout my studies I had to complete a large amount of student placements in general practice vet clinics. I had a couple of friends who worked at Gawler Animal Hospital and I was lucky

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June 2023 Newsletter

Walk through the decades with Dr. Steve Is being a vet just possibly one of the best jobs in the world!?! At the end of last year I made the trek to Melbourne for a weekend to catch up with friends from vet school for dinner. The occasion was our THIRTY year reunion! Where on

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May 2023 Newsletter

    Reptile care advice from our very own Dr. Christo When a reptile comes in for a consult there is something just as important as the clinical examination itself and that is getting a history from the owner. The history would sometimes identify major issues even before the patient is seen! Part of the

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April 2023 Newsletter

How to keep your pets safe this Easter. It’s that sweet time of year again—Easter. Most of us love to indulge over Easter eggs and hot cross buns at this time of year, however this is not the case with our beloved fur babies. Unfortunately Easter eggs and hot cross buns can be particularly harmful

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March 2023 Newsletter

Taking the Stigma out of Anxiety Medication Up to 80% of dogs and cats are affected by anxiety, with many owners able to successfully recognize signs of anxiety in their pets. Common signs of anxiety can include: – Hyper-arousal- being unable to settle down/ always on watch – Barking/growling/biting people/other dogs – Hiding from visitors

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February 2023 Newsletter

Our Senior Pets and Preventative Medicine Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine our pets are not only living longer, but they’re living better quality lives too. I have a great passion for providing the best quality care for our senior patients at Gawler Animal Hospital. I want to ensure that their life is as comfortable as

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