June 2024 Newsletter

4 things to know about kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is common in cats, affecting 30-40% of cats over ten years of age. Here are four important facts to know about feline CKD. 1. Symptoms of early CKD may be mistakenly attributed to “normal aging”. Cats in the earlier stages of CKD usually show

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May 2024 Newsletter

Understand Anaesthetics for Pets We know lots of owners feel anxious about their pets having a general anaesthetic, especially as they get older. However, many times they are necessary to provide diagnostics or treatments for conditions that will only worsen if not addressed. So how do WE go about making an anaesthetic as safe as

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April 2024 Newsletter

Lola’s Lucky Legs! Lola, a gorgeous 6-month old Golden Retriever, presented to the clinic with some unusual behaviour. She had started to bite at the air, an action termed “fly biting”. This can be both behavioural or related to pain or discomfort. It then progressed to her more specifically snapping at her hips regularly. After

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March 2024 Newsletter

  Your pet could save lives: seeking blood donor candidates. Blood donors are true heroes and without their blood in that moment of need, a life would be lost. We only ever collect blood from donors if it is needed, so rest assured your pet will only be called forward in a life or death

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Feburary 2024 newsletter

Fear Free Veterinary Clinic You may have heard the words “Fear-free Veterinary Clinic” but what does that really mean? In a nutshell, being “fear-free” is all about providing health and wellness care to our patients while considering their emotional well-being. At Gawler Animal Hospital, we feel it is important that we treat our patients with

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January 2024 Newsletter

Case Study – Finnley’s Linear Foreign Body Handsome Finnley (on the left) is a young, healthy and energetic Golden Retriever – so when he was vomiting, flat and not eating – his owners knew immediately that something was not right. Finnley had radiographs performed to check for a foreign body and although an obvious foreign

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December 2023 Newsletter

Pet Insurance – Working through the insurance maze Pet Insurance can be one of the most valuable things you can do for your pet in the long term, but looking at the options and picking a policy that suits you can be a daunting task. There is a lot of insurance jargon, fine print, and conditions

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November 2023 Newsletter

Spring is here – and with it, unfortunately, comes grass seeds!  Grass seed awns are the seed heads of grass, and they are very spikey and stick into pets’ fur (and humans’ shoes and pants), which is a clever trick of the grass plant to help spread its seed. Given their pointy nature, grass seeds can

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October 2023 Newsletter

Snake bites in our pets Spring is well and truly here and summer is just around the corner. As our weather heats up we are already seeing an increase in snake sightings and in turn, unfortunately, snake bites. There are a large number of dangerous snakes in our state, but the two that our pets

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September 2023 Newsletter

Senior Felines: Purr-fect pets with particular needs! Hello wonderful pet people, it’s Dr. Michelle the admitted crazy cat lady here. This month, unsurprisingly, I want to talk about cats! More specifically, I want to talk about our gorgeous senior felines. Senior felines are such special parts of our families. We usually have them since a

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