Puppy Play School

Unleash your puppy’s potential with puppy play! 

Our puppy play classes provide a safe, supervised and educational environment for your puppy to experience the world around them.

The critical socialisation period for dogs is between the ages of 3-13 weeks. The more we can socialise the puppy during this stage of their life the more equipped they will be going into adulthood.

In our Puppy Play classes we will introduce your puppy to a range of new sights, sounds, smells, surfaces, puppies and people, all in a controlled and positive way.

Puppy Play along with Puppy Primary (14weeks – 6 months)  can set up your puppy for a lifetime of happiness, resilience and confidence.

Our Puppy Play Classes Run run for a 45 minute duration. Each class is different so you can attend 1 class or multiple – the choice is yours!

Bookings are essential. 

For more information and to unleash your puppy’s potential call our friendly customer care team on the number below.

For a sneak peek of what goes on at our Puppy Play you can follow us on Instagram at @gawleranimalhospital 

If you have already booked with our customer care team, and need to complete the puppy check in before our first session, please click here.

We look forward to meeting you and your puppy!

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