Brown Ticks – What you need to know!

You may have heard of Ehrlichiosis, the tick borne disease that is beginning to find its way into the state. Although rare, it is important to recognize the recent warning about the disease and familiarize yourself with the symptoms and prevention options.
Symptoms include:
-loss of appetite
-weight loss
-swelling of chest or front legs
-cloudy eyes or conjunctivitis
-pain and stiffness
-bleeding disorders such as nosebleeds or bruising on the gums or belly
These symptoms are also present in a range of other disease processes, so Ehrlichiosis often wont be top of the list of differentials given its rarity, but certainly if you see any of these symptoms in your dog we would encourage you to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible.
In regards to prevention, we stock a tablet tick prevention called ‘Bravecto’, which is effective against ticks for 2 months per treatment. Many of our clients are using this prevention already, however if you would like to know more, please contact the clinic on 8522 3500.
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