Sonia van de Kamp – Training and Behaviour Coordinator

Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse, Veterinary Nurse Technician, AVA Accredited Nurse, Training and Behaviour Co-Ordinator

Sonia has been nursing since 2001 and brings a hugely cheerful presence to her work. She is a fully qualified veterinary nurse and also has gone on to complete her veterinary technician qualification. She is also a VNCA accredited nurse – this is a recognition of advanced skills and requires constant updating and further education to maintain. She is very involved in our post-operative recovery program for orthopaedic patients. She also has a wonderful time running our Puppy Pre-School and Puppy Play School program (as many a puppy owner will tell you!) and does a great job with this. To assist with the puppy training and to add some more behavioural skills to the practice, Sonia has completed the Delta Society Canine Good Citizens instruction course. This is a two year commitment and has added to her already numerous qualifications!

Sonia sits on the committee of the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia and is responsible for its continuing education program. She has a fantastic approach to work and brings a smile to the faces of both clients and staff. If her patients could smile as well, they most certainly would!!

In 2013, Sonia was nominated by the Gawler Animal Hospital team for the Hills ‘Vet Nurse of the Year’ award. To the surprise of none of us, she did fantastically well in this and came runner-up (ahead of a stellar crew of nominees around Australia). Our only surprise was that the judging committee were able to find a better veterinary nurse out there!!

She is our resident poet and entertains us all during lunch breaks or staff meetings with her latest offerings! When not brightening up the lives of everyone at work, Sonia is kept fully occupied by her husband Mick, daughter Tommi and son Jace. The Van De Kamps are a very musical family with Mick playing in a local rock band and Sonia singing at all times of day or night (including at work!)!! They share the property with 2 horses, Rusty and Sabre, as well as 2 cats, Mozzie and Matilda and Halo – a ridgeback cross dog.

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