Kip visited our team at Gawler Animal Hospital recently after finding herself in a bit of bother. Kip had been out for a run on her property with her owner when she decided to make haste after some rabbits into some bushes. A yelp was heard and Kip returned with what can only be described as ‘a very large stick’ poking out of the side of her chest! Kip’s mum recognised the severity of the injury immediately and very smartly resisted all temptation to remove the stick. Kip was rushed to see us, where we all agreed….that is ‘a very large stick’ Kip!

Dr. Jenny assessed Kip immediately after she arrived and Kip was rapidly admitted to hospital for pain relief and treatment for shock.  Kip underwent emergency surgery that evening to remove the 27cm long stick,  which had not only penetrated under her skin, but also entered her abdomen.  Fortunately,  no internal organs were damaged.

Stick injuries are among some of the most catastrophic injuries a dog can sustain.  While the entry wound may not look very large, sticks can penetrate deeply and enter body cavities, while dragging lots of hair and dirt with them. In Kip’s case, a lot of time was spent meticulously removing every fragment of hair and foreign material that entered with the stick. It is important to never try to remove the stick yourself, always seek veterinary help.

We are happy to report that Kip recovered beautifully from her surgery and is back to running the property under her mums close supervision. We are so proud of Kip and her family for being so brave during the whole episode!

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