Parasite Control

Fleas, intestinal worms, heartworm, mites and ticks all present a problem for your pets We’ll give you the most up

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Dietary Needs

All the different life-stages have different nutritional requirements from growing pups or kittens to our seniors. Our Hills diets cater

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Pet Insurance

One of those things you hope you never need. However, pet insurance can be a life-saver if your pet is

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Blood Testing

We have a very comprehensive bank of blood testing equipment in our hospital This allows us to come up with

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A hugely important part of overall pet health and an area in which we excel The large majority of dogs

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As an accredited hospital, we have the most up-to-date surgical facilities This is a huge part of our daily workload

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Hospital Care

We have dedicated hospital wards for cats, dogs and exotics All hospitalised pets are checked multiple times daily by our

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Breeding Services

Gawler Animal Hospital has had a long-standing relationship with the South Australian breeding community and has a comprehensive reproductive program.

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Gawler Animal Hospital

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Offering a wide range of pet-care options from vaccinations up to complex medical and surgical treatments.

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