What You Need to Know about Allergies & Itchy Pets

Itchy dogs (and, to a lesser extent, cats) are a real problem for our clients at this time of year. It happens every Spring and keeps us busy providing treatment and advice. Although there are several factors which come into play, the main cause of the itchiness is allergies of one form or another.The itchiness caused by

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Is your Pet Fully Vaccinated?

Every year at about this time, we start to hear tales of parvovirus raising its ugly head in the South Australian dog population. This disease has been around since the late 1960’s when it appeared worldwide. It’s been killing dogs ever since. Luckily, we now have very effective vaccines which protect our dogs but these are

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The Ten Commandments of Grass Seed Season in Pets!

Over the last few days, I’ve come back from my morning run with the dogs and the evidence is clear on my shoes – it’s grass seed season again! Although those wheaten-coloured paddocks may look lovely and can be great fun for our dogs to run around in, they hold a hidden menace for both

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Senior Pets Need Special Care!

At Gawler Animal Hospital, we spend a large amount of each day dealing with what we’d classify as senior pets. One of my lecturers at university was very keen to point out to us that ‘Age is not a disease!’, and I agree with him completely. However, older dogs and cats do tend to present

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‘Harper’ the Myositis Patient!

One of the stranger diseases we come across is something that’s referred to as ‘Masticatory Myositis’ and it’s something we saw last month in a delightful little dog called Harper. Harper is a young Australian Shepherd owned by Ben and Georgie Brown. She initially came in having been very uncomfortable through the night. She was seen

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Pain in Pets

As always, we endeavour to improve the way we treat our pet patients and to incorporate the latest research findings. As part of our ongoing Continuing Education program, three of our staff members have just returned from the Gold Coast where they attended the Australian Small Animal Veterinarians conference. This was held in conjunction with

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How do we Treat Dental Disease in Pets?

In a couple of earlier articles, I’ve talked about how to recognise when your dog or cat has a dental problem and about some ways of helping prevent this from developing. The next thing I’d like to do is to give you a little better idea of how we go about treating the problem. This

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Key Points in Pet Dental Homecare

I talked to you last time about how to detect dental disease in your dogs and cats. As promised, I now want to tell you how to avoid them getting to that point in the first place. We see so much dental disease in pets and dental care makes up a large proportion of our

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How do I Know my Pet has Dental Disease?

The idea behind Pet Dental Month has always been to raise awareness of pet dental care. We’d like nothing more than so see an improvement in oral hygiene in our patients and a reduction in the pain caused by gingivitis and tooth infection. As mentioned, in our recent article, this is a major issue in our pets. .One

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What’s the Big Deal with Pet Dental Disease?

Every August, there’s a lot of fuss about Pet Dental Month. I’d have to say we don’t pay much attention to that because, for us, every month is dental month! Sadly, we see an awful lot of dental disease in both dogs and cats and that takes up quite a lot of our daily routine at the

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