Microchip Alert!

Desexing and microchipping is about to be mandatory for pet registration! I mentioned in an update last month that dog and cat registration is about to change in South Australia. Amongst other changes, purchasers of any new puppy or kitten will be obliged to desex their pet within the first month after taking ownership. Microchips

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5 Reasons You Should Worm Your Pet!!

Every day, we have multiple discussions with clients as to why (and how) they should worm their pets on a regular basis. I was reminded of this yesterday when a client came in to show us what his cat had just vomited up – a 10 inch long tapeworm! Sorry if the accompanying photo is

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Everything You Need to Know about New Desexing Laws

All South Australian pet owners should be aware that, as of July 1st this year, all dogs and cats without a specific exemption will need to be desexed and microchipped by the age of six months. These new desexing laws may sound like a draconian requirement. However,  it’s something that the Dog and Cat Management

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Keep Our Dog Parks Free!

I respect the fact that there are some owners who’d rather not have their dogs mix with others but, on the whole, most people love to see their dogs running around, stretching their legs and socializing freely with other dogs. It’s fantastic exercise for the dogs, it provides mental stimulation and it teaches them to

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5 Reasons You Should Take Out Pet Insurance

At Gawler Animal Hospital, we think pet insurance is a real ‘no-brainer’ and I’d like to tell you why.  I heard yesterday about a tale of woe that reminded me why insurance is such a good idea for pet owners. The lady telling me the story discovered her dog in a pretty distressed state and

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The Benefits of Private Veterinary Practice

There was a piece on last week’s episode of ‘Today/Tonight’ which cast aspersions over the ethics of the veterinary profession in South Australia. The title of the show was “Vet Rip-Off’ and the basic premise was that owners are being over-serviced by vets. As you may imagine, I take  offence at that suggestion and at some

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Harper’s Spider-bite Horror-show!

So often, we have owners tells us they think their pet has been bitten by a spider. Very seldom has this actually happened. In Harper’s case, we think that genuinely was the problem and it made for a horrible time for poor Harper and her owners, Matthew and Bianca Simunsen. Harper is a delightful little

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No Bull – it’s a Bladder Stone!

That’s right, what you’re looking at in this picture is a bladder stone! From all accounts, the presence of a stone in the urinary tract is a very uncomfortable condition (or downright painful, apparently). That’s exactly the situation we had to face with Emmy Lou, a little Westie we treated recently. Unfortunately, urinary tract infection

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Dealing with Growth

Over the last two to three years (and particularly since moving into the new premises last year), we’ve experienced major growth in our practice. This growth has allowed us to improve our client service in several ways including the following: We’ve improved our facilities (the building speaks for itself, I think) We have upgraded equipment

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Fleas and the Bubonic Plague!

I recently read an article describing the devastation and terror caused by the ‘Black Death’ (Bubonic Plague) which killed over half of the population of my native Edinburgh in the mid 1300’s. Far more alarming was the fact that the same disease killed up to 200 million people (a quarter of the entire population) in

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