A Decade of Change

Way back in the dark ages (ten years ago, to be precise), Dr Dave MacPhail purchased what was then the Gawler South Small Animal Hospital.  Over the intervening years, the practice has had a change of name (now Gawler Animal Hospital) and a change of address.  It’s also grown hugely and undergone a massive transition,

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Snake Season has Started!!

Well, we’ve already had our first snake-bite of the season. Young ‘Piper’, a Bearded Collie pup, was brought in by her owner, Tammy McClelland. Tammy had found her out in the garden collapsed and feeling very unwell. Although Piper improved fairly quickly, Tammy (an experienced veterinary nurse) knew that this could be caused by snakebite

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Pet Dental Month (Every Month!)

Every year, the Australian Veterinary Association promotes August as Pet Dental Month. Don’t ask me why it should be in August, perhaps that’s just a quieter time of year for many veterinary practices and so there’s more time to dedicate to a problem that affects pets every day, week and month of ever year! Without

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Returning to (Somewhat) Normal Service!

Following what seems like a lifetime of disruption here at Gawler Animal Hospital, I’m delighted to announce that we’re finally returning to (somewhat) normal service! Our entire client base has been very understanding of the restrictions we’ve had to put in place to help minimise risk of disease transmission recently. However, I’m sure that you’ll

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The Reason you should Desex your Dog!

Late last week, we were given a great reminder of the reason you should desex your dog. ‘Indi’ is a little Staffy girl owned by Jessica Chaplain. Jessica and Indi came in to see us late on Tuesday and it was clear that Indi wasn’t at all well. She was off food and had a

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A Glimmer of Light during Dark Days

Whilst it seems that the world around us has been turned upside down, I’d like to think that there is a glimmer of light during these dark days. Even in these most difficult of times, we’re seeing a number of examples of those little things which have served to cheer us up. Of course, how

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Happy Hygiene!!

With all the rapidly developing changes in the Coronavirus crisis (I don’t think that’s too strong a word right now), we’ve developed our own Happy Hygiene procedures at Gawler Animal Hospital! As stated last week, we’re absolutely determined to stay open and to provide all our normal services to both clients and pets. In order

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A Healthy Hydrobath!

Never thought I’d ever have to be writing about this but, during these troubled times, I can assure you that we are taking all precautions to ensure we have a healthy hydrobath for your personal safety!!!! In a recent blog, I talked about some of the measures we’re taking to reduce the risk posed by

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A Changed World

After a few days at the beach, last week, I came back to discover what was basically a changed world! I’m not sure about anyone else but I’ve never seen anything like this current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic. New information is pouring in hourly, never mind daily or weekly, and it’s hard to keep

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Wildlife Woes

The news over the last few weeks has been full of the devastating effects of the bushfires around the country – not only damage to people and property but the heartbreaking vision of our wildlife woes. Koalas and kangaroos in distress have featured heavily on some of the news programs and the estimated number of

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